Link Up @ The Library - An entrepreneurial story

Join us at Link Up @ The Library Tuesday November 28th from 09.15 to 11.00. Free breakfast Meeting at Bergen Public Library. Cecilie have started several companies and learned a lot on her entrepreneurial journey - Come and hear her story

Cecilie used to be a successful entrepreneur until she became ill and got the diagnose of a chronic illness. She had to close her company for the past 13 years. 


When being ill she had to start a researched based diet called the low FODMAP-diet and she started a blog to share her recipes and thoughts around the diet. The year after she started the blog her first book was published and she became a bestselling author. Now, 4 years later, she has written 2 more books and her first book is going to be published in North-America and in the UK within a few months. She also gives talks to Norwegian hospitals, patient organizations and entrepreneurs.

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