Business Factory

Startup course for entrepreneurs with an international background. 
We advise you as an entrepreneur with an international background to join our startup program, Business Factory. It provides the very best start for you and your business, and essential supplement for those who have already started their own business.

Business Factory consists of six modules (day courses) and covers the following topics; company structure, business concept, business model, marketing plan, marketing, finance, taxation, VAT, pricing, sales and networking. The modules build on each other.

Price 1 500 NOK for the course series (six modules).

Application form

The application form is a Word document you have to fill out
and send to

Module content: Business Factory:

Module 1 – How to startup your business
Tuesday October 3rd at 9.00-16.00.
- Choice of corporate form
- Personal rights and Risk assessment
- Requirements name of company
- Basic accounting, including reporting requirements

Module 2 – Business model
Wednesday October 4th at 9.00 -16.00.

- Business idea 
-Business model

Module 3 – Marketing plan: How to reach your costumers
Thursday October 5th at 9.00-16.00.
- Market strategy and branding
- Marketing and Market research
- Competitor analysis and Positioning map

Module 4 – Sales, pricing and budgets
Monday October 30th at 9.00-16.00

-  Sales course
-How to price your product or service
- Different budgets and Costings

Module 5 – Economics
Tuesday October 31st at 9.00-16.00.

- Balance Sheet and Income statement
- Key figures and management data
- Economic relationships in a business and cash flow
- Strategic economic choices

Module 6 – Network and cultural understanding
Wednesday November 1st at 9.00-16.00.

-  Network Partners and Suppliers
- Cultural differences
- Resources you can take advantage of

In addition to the modules you are offered to participate at networking seminars and
an alumni group semninar(Monday November 20th) for Business Factory particitants for free.